Greater 19 By-Laws and Rules

Playing Rules and By-Laws

The By-Laws of G19

The Playing Rules of G19

Exhibit II - 6/7 age group Formations

Exhibit III - 8/9 age group Formations

Note: The formations shown in the two Exhibits are just examples. Teams may run any offensive formation they choose as long as it doesn't violate the rules for that age group. Questions regarding formations should be directed to your league representative.

Other Documents

The Game Officials Scorecard

The Clock Operator Rules

Roster Template (.xls) - Official G19 Team Roster Template

Note: This page will always have the most current and approved versions of the league by-laws and rules. It is strongly suggested that communities provide a link to this page on their web site as opposed to keeping their own version of the rules on their web sites. If there is any discrepency, the rules posted to this site will always take precedence.